Guest Policy & Fees
The Golf Club of Lebanon is a private club that exists for the pleasure, recreation and enjoyment of its members. Guests of members are welcome, subject to guest policies and applicable fees.

Who is a Guest :
  • Everyone entering the Club who is not listed on a membership is considered a guest, except children age 1 and under.

  • Guests must be signed in regardless of age, length of stay, intent to use any of the Club’s facilities, or relationship to the member.
  • The inviting member must accompany any guest entering club facilities.
  • Guests must be signed in by an adult member or a responsible dependant at least age eighteen (18).
  • The member should remain on Club premises with the guest for the duration of the guest's stay.
  • Guests are not able to sign-in other guests.
Length of Stay:
  • Guest passes are good for the entire day. Guests may leave and return the same day.

Daily Guest Fees effective April 1st 2015 (All prices are in Lebanese Pounds):

Coming soon

  • Guests unable to provide proof of age will be assessed the applicable adult fee.